Thursday, January 10, 2008

Abby Normal.

Do you remember that interesting spinning ballerina demo from the week after Christmas?

If the tiny dancer seemed to you to be spinning primarily to the right, congratulations. You are a right brain thinker--you know, one of those creative types.

According to the creators of this quiz, "Being creative or artistic doesn't mean you know how to draw or play an instrument. Being creative is a way of thinking, a way of viewing the world."

Take me for instance. I'm looking at the world 62% through my right-brain. Or I'm looking at 62% of the world in a right-brained way. Or 62% of the world's population (who also happen to be looking at me) believe me to be right-brained. I dunno; I got all confused when I saw numbers.

I don't know how valid it can possibly be, but it's fun. I would love to hear from someone who scored with higher numbers on the left side.

via ReubenMiller.

Post Script: One of the careers suggested to me by the creators of this quiz was beautician. I totally knew that.


Anonymous said...

I am apparently 55% Lefty and 45% Righty. The quiz was also able to identify my one true calling as a profession - an ice skating judge.

Left Brain Percentages:
58% Linear (Your most dominant characteristic)
50% Symbolic
42% Logical
40% Reality-based
27% Verbal
9% Sequential (Your least dominant characteristic)

Your Right Brain Percentages:
43% Intuitive (Your most dominant characteristic)
37% Concrete
32% Nonverbal
24% Holistic
24% Fantasy-oriented
23% Random (Your least dominant characteristic)


Anonymous said...

It is not a "high" number, but I scored a 57% on the left side and was characterized as a linear thinker.

Mundane Jane said...

Wow. You and me together would make one, fully-rounded individual. Wanna balance my checkbook?


Anonymous said...

Left 35%, Right 65%. Not much higher than yours. Left Brain 34% Symbolic most dominant
Right Brain 50% Nonverbal - now we all know that's a lie!

Anonymous said...

On the quiz regarding spelling, is that pre or post spellcheck?

Mundane Jane said...

Wait. I forgot to study for spelling.

Anonymous said...

Where have you been? Are you trying to act like you have man in your life? I haven't even heard from you all week. I'm breaking up with you and moving my loyalty to another blogger.

Anonymous said...

I'm 58%left and 42% right. Supposedly I'm a critical thinker and my least dominant trait (at 27%)was verbal. That explains why I'm not the writer in the family.
Your Mom, the professor

Anonymous said...

Doubt you'll buy this, but I'm 60% Right and 40% Left brained. (Guess I concentrate the left brain parts on the job.) 'Course you already knew how I feel about schedules, Boss.
That was fun, thanks.

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