Friday, January 11, 2008

And after that, we took a quick hike 'round the Matterhorn.

Two weeks before Christmas (it seems ages to me now), the experts at work were careful to keep their faces straight when I reported that Muffin Uptown had decided to make a quilt for her boyfriend.

"For Christmas?" they asked.

Then they patiently answered all my questions and gave me some time-saving tips, "just in case time got a little tight."

But all the while, they were looking at me the way they always do, when I ask for copy by the end of the day or announce that I have started knitting a sweater. It's an expression that says, "Look at that. Isn't she cute?"

When MU announced a day later that she had decided on a different gift, they didn't even try to hide their relief. I was feeling pretty lucky myself.

Until three days before Christmas, when MU came to me with the news that she was reverting back to the original make-a-quilt plan. That time, I didn't tell a soul. I couldn't, because I couldn't bring myself to say the words out loud. And what I didn't tell Muffin Uptown, was that there was no way in hell she could finish a quilt in two days.

But apparently, love knows no boundaries. Here are pics of the quilt she slaved over for her boy in the 48 hours leading up to Christmas. Word is, he's as taken with it as they are with each other.

I hope it turns out to be as sturdy as they are.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I love the quilt. And the time that it didn't take. Jane, please ask MU if she can give me lessons.
Thanks, LuLu

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