Thursday, November 6, 2008

They didn't cover this in grad school.

Imagine it.

You are a Composition instructor and you have indicated that you are about to lead the class in a discussion of one of their assigned readings.

You wait while everyone rifles through their backpacks and bookbags.

Finally, the class is ready and all eyes are upon you.

Because this is one of those groups that's really easily engaged, most of the time all you have to say is "I thought we might discuss the essay about sports team names." Then you skillfully guide the conversation exactly where you want it to go.

But on this day, one of those students says, "Oh! Wait! I just read something about this! Lemme think! It was something having to do with naming teams after animals, or Indians, or something!"

He's racking his brain to remember where he saw this story. And it's almost as painful for you to watch as it must be for him to experience. You can see that it's right there--juuuuust beyond his reach. Everyone in the class can see it, in fact.

Imagine yourself in this scenario. And then tell me how long you would leave the poor kid on the line before you told him that he was trying to remember where he had read the story you'd asked him to read for this class.

image, kim in cajuncountry's photostream.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Poor kid. I'm not sure how I'd manage not to laugh at him.

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