Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Quick. Somebody call a professional.

Normally, I can fix things. A little patience, a little glue, and it's easy enough to set things right again.

But the timer knob broke off the dryer last Thursday and it refuses repair. Nothing I do makes it right again. So since then, I've been adjusting the timer with a pair of vise grips. These work fine for me as long as no one tries to force me to get my dryer set and tumbling in under, say, ten seconds. It's slower, and more awkward than laundry was when I had a functioning timer knob, but there are worse things.

I think I can just purchase a replacement knob, but it's highly likely that I've also broken some sort of cotter pin or such--and that the fix only seems simple to the untrained eye. This happens a lot, I've found, with tiny little parts that are no longer attached to the great big appliances they rode in on.

Obviously, I need to call somebody. It's just that I'm afraid it's going to be as much trouble for me to have the knob fixed as it would be for me to purchase a brand spanking new dryer. I could pick up the phone and have a new, super quiet, energy efficient dryer tossing my wet clothes around by 5 o'clock today, but you know it's going to take 6 weeks to get a new knob flown in from Manila. And then they're going to make me pay to have the guy bring it out and push it on there; no way are they going to trust that kind of operation to an amateur knob-putter-onner.

The last time I had a conversation like this with myself, I ended up with a new car.


Anonymous said...

Of this: And then they're going to make me pay to have the guy bring it out and push it on there;

Yet another reason to have a husband. Isn't this their job?

Anonymous said...

Jane, you need to set anonymous straight. I have a husband of some 15 years and a knob for the oven of my range which has been broken for at least 5 years. I too use visegrips. But maybe I'm too harsh in my judgement and anonymous has one of those rare one of a kinds who really do home repairs.

Mundane Jane said...

Har. Unless I'm mistaken, Anonymous #1 is Tawana. AND, although I was talking about the dryer knob, she's talking about something else altogether (and taking me out of context in the process).


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