Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Stay tuned.

I was out late celebrating my birthday.

Check back later in the afternoon for today's post.

My apologies to the breakfast crowd.

graphic, Muffin Uptown.


Anonymous said...

You know my whole day is thrown now because I can't read your blog. Dang Deb.

Anonymous said...

how was the film?
and more to the point, how was the popcorn?
happy day after, Deb

Anonymous said...

For all you loyal readers,
What you don't know is that mundanejane has a blog and just didn't post it. She wrote it last week, and I know this because she told me. She forgot she told me.

She didn't post this morning because she's got that menopausal snit thing going and decided to punish us because Sonic was out of birthday corndogs. What she doesn't know is we won't go to work until we read it.

If the world fails to function because we're all still at home waiting on the morning blog, so be it. I'm holding firm. Blog Plez.

Mundane Jane said...

You people cannot be left alone for a single day without stirring up trouble.

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