Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Met my match.

While deconstructing the movie, "I am Legend" last night, I observed that three years did not seem to me to be enough time to allow for the grass to grow up through the cracks of the New York city sidewalks to the extent pictured in the film.

I said this, as is my wont, with great conviction--as though I were a certified expert in the field of post-apocalyptic vegetation. And normally, this tone of voice works quite well for me.

Muffin Uptown's Boy, however, who apparently has expert certification of his own, didn't even wait for the ringing of my pompous tone to subside before disagreeing with me.

"Actually," he said, "According to this new book, New York City without people would be flooded, then consumed by fire, and then quickly overgrown with vegetation. The subway tunnels would be flooded in two days. Manhattan, you see..."

Obviously, this was a man who would not hesitate to beat me to a verbal bloody pulp. Even I know when to back out of the ring.

The World Without Us, by Alan Weisman.

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