Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Oh my. What's that you're wearing? You smell good enough to eat.

I lost a lot of time to the world wide wonder this weekend. It was one of those strange couple of days where a trip to the keyboard to look something up turned into first a YouTube marathon, then a scouring of the news for something interesting to blog about, and finally, a bit of half-hearted interweb window shopping.

All of it designed, of course, by my murky subconscious in an obvious bid to postpone a trip to the grocery store.

This convoluted and not so very interesting windup serves as preamble to the following revelation: Apparently, a great many women out there aspire to smell like their food.

I don't mind so much a light spritz of lemon verbena. I have on occasion, been intrigued by the smell of cucumber, pear, or pea. That's not really the kind of food I'm talking about.

You can trip over to your computer right this minute and order body wash, lotion, and performed spray in Caramel Apple, Dreamsicle, Cinnamon Bun, Sugar Cookie, Cupcake, or Birthday Cake (I've no idea what the difference between the latter two might be--perhaps it's the sprinkles). There's also Chocolate Mousse and Banana and Coconut Creme Pie.

All this kitchen perfumery is no doubt the result of a study published a few years back demonstrating that men are particularly attracted to the smell of food. Pumpkin pie, if I remember correctly, was the big winner. So, in the intervening years, loads of manufacturers and retailers have figured out a way to get the smell of the oven squeezed into a bottle or spray.

And hundreds of thousands of women haven't yet worked out that their new signature scent may be attracting him because subconsciously, he associates their fragrance with his mother.

Or the cafeteria lady.


Jennifer said...

Your blog looks great! I'm tagging you for a NaBlo meme.

go here

Mundane Jane said...

Thanks, Jennifer for the kind compliment and the invitation.

I think I'll skip the meme for now though.

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