Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I'm beyond redemption. And I've been caught at it by the one person for whom I am supposed to be setting an example.

One morning last week Muffin Uptown came into my room as I was getting dressed for work. She looked at my bed and then at me. The bed was exactly as it was when I'd crawled out of it an hour earlier. On the right was a Jane-indented, faux down pillow. The covers were just barely mussed.

On the right--stacks and stacks and stacks of clean laundry.

"Did you sleep like that last night?" she asked.

"Yeah, I really did."

I've gone from sleeping in my clothes to sleeping with my clothes.

Please. Don't tell my mother.

photo, Fleur Suijten

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Still here just on the road, but I read your blog no matter which state I lay my head. See you over the weekend. Love, T

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