Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Would it be too much to ask for everyone to never discuss the new Harry Potter book? Ever?

Sunday--just a little past 12 noon.

One--I completed the report I should have turned in four days ago and did the chores I'd been white-eyeing for over a week.

Two--I was clean and dressed by 11:45--a weekend personal best for me (for although I will wake for the crack o' dawn, I refuse to get dressed up for it).

Three--I had already spent most of Saturday working my way through multiple episodes of TiVo'ed CSI: Miami and several assorted Netflix movies. It was an exhausting, grueling workout, but Muffin Uptown was there to tag-team it with me, and I no longer had hours of television hanging over my head.

Four--A quick scrambled-egg sandwich and I was finally ready to devote the entire afternoon to Harry Potter.

I was only on page 115 (never in mundane jane history have I taken so long to masticate a book), everyone else I knew had already finished it, and they were falling all over themselves to let something slip. Finally--nothing was standing between me and the conclusion of the saga of Harry Potter.

I fell asleep over page 121. For two and a half hours.

I'm going to have to hire someone to finish this book for me.

photo, © Jenny Rollo


Cheryl said...

Some of us have our priorities set properly. You could have a.) gone out with me at midnight to get a copy and gotten an earlier start with all your train time or b.) really, a report for work? Instead of Harry Potter?

To save you the time and effort of finding someone to read it for you, I'd be happy to tell you alllllll about it.

Mundane Jane said...

Yeah, but people who don't know me REALLY BELIEVE I'm a dedicated professional, slaving away my weekends preparing craftish reports.

And chores. Don't forget the chores.


Rocesbeat said...

Um, I didn't think that anyone actually worked at LA. That's the impression I got from Mr. Crane....

Mundane Jane said...

That's because it's all so seamless. We are an organization of extremely smooth operators.

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