Monday, July 30, 2007

Creature comforts.

The Hyatt Regency O'Hare in Chicago is one of those hotels that feature super fabulous, soft and comfy beds that--provided you are made outta money--you can buy for your bedroom at home. And it must be said, I slept better in Chicago than I have since little Ms. Min A. Pause started sleeping over at my house.

Once I got home, though, I was tired enough to sleep on a pile of rocks. And maybe I did for the first night--I couldn't tell you, seeing as how I slept right through it.

But the second night, I definitely noticed something off--something decidedly not right.

Apparently, someone done did somethin' uncalled-for to my bed pillows.

They were all flat and lumpy and--well, hard. Unforgiving. Not comfortable at all. And while mine weren't new pillows, they were the self-same pillows that seemed to be functioning properly before I left the state. I didn't believe these to be the same pillows I was sleeping on before my excursion through America's heartland, though, because sleeping on those pillows night after night would have caused me to lose my mind.

I concluded that while Muffin Uptown had performed capably in caring for my plants and pets, I'd neglected to leave instructions for the pillows. Whether due to old age or neglect, my pillows were deceased.

By Wednesday, thoughts of the pillows I'd slept on back in Chicago kept coming, unbidden, to my mind when I should have been thinking of tormenting writers and garbling instructional copy. I hurried to the interweb and discovered that I could have four of those special Hyatt down and feather pillows shipped to my door in time for the weekend for a mere $69.00/each.

Like that was going to happen.

If you know me, you know I'm wanting something pretty damn bad to drive into town and deal with actual people to make a purchase. But that's exactly what I did--because $276.00 will buy a lot of drive-through tacos and Diet Coke. 45 minutes of rolling around on every pillow at TJ Maxx yeilded four $15.00 pillows that were, to my head, indistinguishable from the more expensive version.

And surely I'll sleep better knowing that I didn't spend almost $300 on four sacks of goose feathers that will up and die on me when I least expect it.
photo, Rodolfo Clix (no, really.)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I stayed at the Wyndam NLR last week. The pillows were that awkward size--one was not not quite fat enough to lay your head on comfortably, but if you stacked up two of them, you were sitting up in bed. I was a bit depressed.

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