Sunday, July 22, 2007

Take a right at the scrapbook booth--no wait, the other scrapbook booth--no, not THAT one, that OTHER one...

I wouldn't really feel justified in lugging my laptop and 45-pound-case through America's heartland unless I made this quick post to tell you about a couple of things that piqued my interest at the CHA Show on Saturday. I'll prepare the official report for my bosses later--you know, what's burning hot and bright, what's over-over-over, and what to watch for next. The CHA show is a good place to get a feel for all three. But for you, I've got two of my personal favs:

two smart dogs
Jennifer Hinshaw and Judy Hopelain

I visited for a couple of minutes with Jennifer and Judy on Saturday, who took the time to explain the concept of two smart dogs. It's simple; they're all about helping folks learn something new-- facilitators, if you will. They connect those of us who are looking for classes to learn to do--well, whatever, with the very people who offer those classes. It's new-new-new, and you can help by signing up to participate in their beta test here.

images property of two smart dogs.

Allison and Tracy Stilwell

Okay, for this post, I'm just going to tell you about these folks, send you out looking for them, and maybe help them make a little money. What I really want to do is get back to my home computer and post about their blog. I stopped by the Artgirlz booth because someone from my company put me onto them (knowing that I would appreciate the aesthetic these girls have going on).

Allison and Tracy are artists and sisters who have come up with a unique (and that's saying something) line of collage kits that include hand-made paper, tags, beads, yarn, hand-painted fabric, and wool felt. They also have a cool collection of tiny little pewter charms and all manner of felted balls. It's the altered art look that I know scrapbookers are crazy for.

But here's how I know I've made a good call on this one (and why you can look forward to a review of their blog later in the week). I was giving their site and blog the once-over in preparation for this post and spotted some phrasing that convinced me that I was meant to be these girls' next best friend. Witness this sentence from their Web site bios:

"Practicing truth and gratitude, and snacking for strength, they continue down
the path of a somewhat remarkable and very full life."

Obviously, we were destined to meet.

Image property of Artgirlz

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