Saturday, July 21, 2007

Dude. I need a Coke and a smile. Now.

Kenny Loggins believes in love, Cher believes in life after love, Public Enemy don't believe the hype, and apparently, Illinois doesn't believe in Coca-Cola.

This is a problem.

As many of you know, I am visiting Chicago to attend the Craft and Hobby Association Trade show. The last time I was here, I missed my Diet Coke so much that when I finally got back home, someone was able to make me happy just by giving me a Diet Pepsi and calling it Diet Coke.

I've been drinking Pepsi since boarding the train on Thursday. Amtrak counts them pretty dear, and so does the hotel. So, today, I spent $4.00 for a 20 oz soda I didn't even want.

My friend Cheryl of Material World fame arrived today with a partially-consumed Diet Coke in her purse. She's jokingly offered to sell it to me for the bargain price of $3.50. I've got news for her. I'm going to wait until she lets down her guard, and then I'm going to wrestle her for it.

I'm pretty sure I can take her.
photo, Gabi Rosca


Anonymous said...

Where did you find this cool image. It has to be coke. Pepsi looks much frizzier. Know what I mean?

Mundane Jane said...

I never leave a Coke sitting around long enough to study on the bubbles, so I'm in no position to say.

My bad on the photo credit, though. I entered a credit line--thanks for the heads up.

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