Monday, July 20, 2009

A change in plans.

It's almost noon, and time to acknowledge that it's not going to happen for me today. If you've been waiting on me, it's not happening for you, either.

The people next door are renovating--hammering, drilling, sawing things into bits--which somewhat negates the peace and quiet aspect of the luxury family condo compound.

So I'm going to do some craft-y stuff. Since some of you don't have that option, might I suggest an hour of Bunni?

From the BunniWiki: Bunni, how we first met is a flash game about adventure in the land of Bunni, where players can discover cute bunnies, scary monsters, and get quests from fellow bunnies, other creatures, and even from ghosts. Through the simple but beautiful world of Bunni, players are free to play as they like, whatever if they want to accomplish quests, collecting army of creatures, or even decorate the world of Bunni. Bunni was developed by Andre Spierings and Daniel Cook. On 09 June 2009, Bunni released on for public.

I played it for a good while on Sunday, and can recommend it as a way to lose some time. Just a quick note, though, from the Things to Know, Do, and Avoid page of the BunniWiki:

For the love of god, if you bomb a deer make sure you don't bomb everything else!!!

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