Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sister, what you got in that purse?

Bette Midler had an old bit, years ago, in which she wondered out loud what the Queen might be carrying in her handbag. It's not like Her Royal Majesty has to keep track of her driver's license or money for an emergency Diet Coke.

I never go anywhere without my purse. I wish I could, but I'm just too insecure. Too many things can happen. What if I need to make a phone call or listen to Al Green? What if I need to take an Ibuprofen or staunch a bleeding papercut? What if I need to eat a mint? Or a sandwich? What if I forget how to get to my new apartment and have to enter the new address (which I do not yet have memorized) into my GPS?

Nope. Stuff happens. I, for one, had rather be ready for it.

And while I would no more violate the sanctity of another woman's handbag than I would put my hand into an alligator's mouth, I do like looking through the What's in Your Bag Flickr pool.

And that's just strange.

image, Kari1121's handbag contents.


Unknown said...

I used to be a tiny purse girl, and I go back to it every now and again, but now my major criteria is that m "in case of emergencies" bag must fit in. Things in that bag include: matches, hair ties, toothbrush and toothpaste, perfume samples, Tide pen, nail file, allergy meds, Aleve, mascara, lipstick, facial blotting papers, lotion and band aids. Now that I think about it, I should probably add a small knife and some tweezers :)

Mundane Jane said...

Or you could get a Swiss Army knife, which has the tweezers built in. They're heavy, though.

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