Wednesday, November 19, 2008

If you are one of those people with my phone number, I want you to call and talk me out of it.

I knew this was going to happen.

I'm not the most self-aware person in the world, but I did suspect that once I was spending some portion of every day on campus, I might feel the urge to find myself a good doctoral degree program.

That's assuming I can find one that will have me. After a little research, I see that I may not be able to get into a program because I lack the ability to understand a single language other than English.

I wonder if I can find a program that will accept my demonstrated mastery of LOLcat.


Anonymous said...

If the only thing you lack is the second language requirement, some programs will accept you with the understanding that you take the language requirement along with your doctoral work. While I don't know about LOLcat, American sign language does fulfill the requirement.
From One in the Know

Anonymous said...

Maybe you can find one with a statistics requirement instead?

Mundane Jane said...

Yes. Because I'm so good with numbers.

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