Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Set your TiVo.

Except for my friend Karen F. (who's a flautist, and everybody knows you can't trust a flute player's musical taste), all women of a certain age love James Taylor.

And he loves us, too. He told me so himself.

JT has a new album out today, and he's scheduled to be on the Colbert Report tonight.

Check it out. He said that if there was time, he'd sing one just for me.


Cheryl said...

Either I've already reached a "certain age" or his appeal reaches all women because I love some James Taylor. Thanks for the alert. Of course, I love some Colbert too. I may have to watch it tonight instead of 3 weeks from now which is how I normally get my "news" updates.

Anonymous said...

I heart James!

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