Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Just an update. Because I really do have some very important stuff to do.

Having experienced everything California has to offer--Disneyland, Venice Beach, Hollywood, Comic Con, and an earthquake--Muffin Uptown has returned home and is, at this very moment, on my couch and working her way through my TiVo library. I've been sitting and watching, waiting for her to do or say something I should blog about.

Nothing yet.

She looks pretty content, right where she is. Even though it's not obvious to the casual observer, I'm sure that while she's watching Project Runway, she's also thinking about finding a job for a couple of semesters to sock some money away toward the ultra expensive grad school she's chosen.

You might wonder what one with a BFA in Fine Art does to make a living--even for a semester or two.

So are we.

Please send your suggestions. She should be finished watching TV by Thursday.

image, cyclesidecar.com

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Aw! I'm sure you're quite happy to have her home. I'll bet she's enjoying the humidity she missed while she was away.

Good thing there's tivo.

I wish she was old enough to remember me because I think she's pretty cool an I want Hadley to grow up and get a BFA in fine art so she can be cool too.

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