Monday, April 7, 2008

Guess who finally got a new calendar?

Here are a few things I realized as I was transferring items from the old, 2007 calendar four months into the new, 2008 calendar.

1. My good friend Holly Ruth had a birthday on the 2nd of January, but because I forget her birthday every single year, she probably doesn't even think I know when her birthday is. I suspect that anyone whose birthday falls before even the most diligent of us have replaced our calendars should have grown used to having their birthday overlooked. Now, however, Ruthie will not only realize that I am aware of her birthday, she will also--within the span of a couple of paragraphs--have good reason to be offended if I continue to neglect to recognize her birthday.

2. I think I also forgot to assess my property; but then again, I may have remembered to do it, but just can't remember having done it. There's no way to be sure without calling someone. First, I'll have to figure out who to call and then I'll need to find out if they have already spoken with me. No wonder state employees are so short-tempered.

3. I forgot my friend John's birthday. I almost always remember to send John a birthday email at his office. John and Holly Ruth are married people, and as soon as she sees that I always remember John's birthday--but forget hers--I will probably have some explaining to do.

photo, Clara Natoli


Unknown said...

Oh my... That picture is from Rome? I think I recognize that stand... it's in the Piazza Argentina, which is the piazza that has the ruins where Julius Caesar was stabbed to death. The ruins also share a wall with Rome's cat sanctuary.

I miss Italy. :(

Mundane Jane said...

Yes. YES! THAT's why it took me four months to get an 08 calendar--I had to go to Rome to get just the right one.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jane,

I am just glad I rank among friends. Come see us and we have a I forgot your birthday, too, party.
I never remember any birthday.



Anonymous said...

I guess a new calendar will have to go on my list of things to get you next Christmas. If your brother doesn't beat me to it.

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