Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dude, u like copied my whole myspace.

Okay. I've been trying and trying to avoid addressing this, but I don't appear to have the willpower to refrain altogether. I think I might be able to satisfy myself by dealing with it in a half-assed kind of way, though.

Which is really kind of appropriate, if you think about it.

According to Jennifer Saranow's article, not all the online daters and social networkers out there are the real authors of the information on their profiles. Some of it is actually lifted from other people.

Which isn't that surprising, when one stops to consider how well-written most of them are. They are, in fact, so well written that I don't have the heart to make fun of them. Too much of that kind of thing, and I could get a rep for being mean and uncaring. Then, the next thing you know, I'm torturing puppies and threatening small children with the boogie man.

But as I indicated before, I'm not sure I'll be able to let it go, completely. But for now, I am taking the higher ground. So while you read Ms. Saranow's article, I'm going to practice being a better person.

Pray for me.

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