Friday, December 14, 2007

An extra special guest post.

This email made the rounds up and down the East Coast earlier this week--I think in a sly attempt to steal some of my material. I'm stretched thin, So, I'm stealing it back.

I called Mundane Jane (Deb) this morning to draw comfort regarding the presidential nominees. For those who do not know this, Deb and I talk at least once a day and many times two to three times a day.

I called in a panic that Mike Huckabee is going to win not only the Republican nomination but the Presidency. You cannot imagine what comfort it gave me when she said, “He’s never going to win.”

Knowing that she is extremely adept in the ability to research, I thought she had seen the Pugh Report, looked up what Sir Gallup Poll is barking, and relentlessly searched the political blogs. Clearly, I could not wait to hear why she knew this to be so true. She stated that Huckabee would not win with the same tone of confidence she uses when she tells me she will be napping by noon on Saturday. And on my life she said, “He will never win because he looks like Bugs Bunny in the mouth.”

I cried.

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