Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The trouble with tribbles and college students.

Last night I discovered that of the 25 freshman college students in my Comp II class, not a single one was familiar with "The Trouble with Tribbles." As for the circumstances that led to my discovering this shortcoming on their part--let's just say that it was pertinent to the English-y conversation at hand and leave it at that.

There's a row of blue bristles on my toothbrush to let me know when to buy another one, and the moisturizing strip on my fancy-smancy razor changes color when it's time to cash in some bonds and buy replacement blades. Everybody already knows that I sometimes have problems remembering where I live and how to get there. My purse is littered with cryptic notes that I can no longer remember enough about to decipher what it is, exactly, they were supposed to remind me to do.

So how on earth can I be expected to know when one of my cultural references expires?


Nerevised said...

Well-written, interesting and funny. I like your blog. Did the freshman get a grasp?

Michael Rigg said...

Deb... I hear you. Boy, do I. I think I'm getting to "that age" where my cultural references are lost on all but the few.

And as for the "autominders." Don't believe everything you see or hear. The bristles on my toothbrush turned a long time ago and it's still going strong.

Now, if you'll excuse me, my gums are bleeding. ALL MY BEST! - Mike

Unknown said...

I think that David Gerrold peaked on writing that episode. It's sad because he was very young (how would you like Tribbles as your enduring work?).

As my most enduring work is some crochet pattern, I guess I would take the Tribbles. After all, someone out there would know what they were.........


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