Friday, November 23, 2007

All bent out of shape. In a good way.

I always hesitate to do this kind of post because:

(1) Everyone else in the whole wide web world will have already seen and heard of it already, and in posting it, I will forevermore prove that I am not only NOT one of the cool kids, I am a cool kid wannabe who is also a day late.

(2) Someone (and I think we all know who) will be cross with me for neglecting to write an original, side-splittingly funny story she can email to all her friends, thereby proving that she is one of the cool kids.

Nevertheless, post it I will, because this guy cracks me up.

See his wired-up work on his site. There were so many great ones, I almost couldn't choose. Wait. I'm still not sure...

1 comment:

Terry Border said...

Thanks for the mention, Mundane Jane.


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