Monday, September 3, 2007

Wanna see your name in print?

The Design Department at Leisure Arts is kicking off a new Christmas book series, and nothing and no one is safe until they settle on a plan of attack. I know I don't come off as a woman who is easily intimidated, but truly, these people scare me to death.

I went to fetch a Diet Coke from the machine on Friday afternoon and by the time I had returned, one of the designers had fashioned a Christmas card holder from my new Coach handbag. It's very cleverly done, and I'm sure will come in quite handy when all those season's greetings come pouring in, but now I don't have anywhere to carry my keys.

Fortunately, they've asked for my help finding people with Christmas ideas. This would be a good time to come to my rescue while also getting your name and idea published. There's no compensation if your idea is chosen, but you will get published credit, and then you'll be famous. Sort of.

Take a minute to consider the questions below and email your responses to one or more of them to me at

1. What are some of your family’s most memorable holiday traditions or activities?

2. What tips do you have to share about preparing for the Christmas holidays that help make them less stressful?

3. What is your favorite “must-have” holiday recipe that you prepare for your family or that you make for neighbors and friends as a gift?

4. What are some quick changes you make inside your home that help create a holiday feel?

5. What unique decorations do you enjoy displaying or making during Christmas?

6. What was the most memorable holiday party or gathering you ever attended?

7. Do you have any organizational tips for putting your Christmas items away?

Be sure and include your full name and the city and state in which you live in your email--just in case your contribution is chosen. Once you hit the send button, you're giving us permission to publish your idea if we like it, so be careful. You know what they say about fame.

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