Tuesday, September 4, 2007

How to get asked to leave the National Organization of Women.

There's really only one time when I actually miss having a man in the house. Well, actually there are two, but I'm not doing that here.

I've been needing a new car, but the unexpected death of my air conditioning forced my hand. I had hoped to wait until I'd had a little time to research my choices, but on the way home from work on Thursday, my head burst into flames. I'm not sure anyone will notice my new look, except that without the eyebrows, it's more difficult to communicate just how confused I am about whatever the hell it is they are talking about. And in business, you know, it really is all about communication.

If there had been a man who was convenient to call, I would have phoned one up this weekend to accompany me to the car lot. I fully expect the NOW people to demand their membership card back since I've said that out loud, but it does seem to me that after all these years of giving them my money, they could have at least sponsored some sort of legislation that would enable me to walk into a car dealearship without automatically loosing 15 IQ points.

A girl with burnt hair, no eyebrows, and no ride doesn't really have the 15 points to spare.

photo, Constantin Jurcut


Anonymous said...

I did my research, walked into the car lot armed with all my knowledge and still lost 15 points maybe even 20 just for being female. So I didn't buy the car from that particular lot. Next time at a different lot, I took my husband with me and gained 50 points for being the 'little woman'. It was worth it though to get the car at the price I wanted to pay. I'll lend you my hubby for the car buying, not the other.

Anonymous said...

Believe it or not there is a cure for the automatic 15 point deduction. Simply refuse to do business with a SALESMAN. My last car purchase, I dealt with a saleswoman, very knowledgable and she didn't treat me like the poor, dumb, little woman. What a breath of fresh air after all the male bullshit.
Another female buyer

Anonymous said...

The experience I have when buying a car with my wife is an odd one. She knows what she wants, she does her research (knows more about the car or truck than even the salesperson) and in return they talk to me not her and it is obvious. They look at me not her. They simply just address me and look at me as if she is not there. My wife being the shy type (NOT) puts them in their place. You should see the salesman scramble to save face with the thought of a sale being lost. I get quite a laugh at them and usually a good discount.

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