Friday, September 28, 2007

It's another birthday post!

But it's a really important one.

I had all sorts of pictures to thrill him with, but I couldn't figure out a way to do that and not bore the hair off people who don't really know either one of us. If I'm going to be running off readers, I want it to be because I said something shocking.

So. Happy Birthday to my baby brother, the guy who pummelled me every day until I moved away from home. I bet you still fight like a girl.

I wish I could see you and torment you every day. Have a birthday corn dog on me.

Photos, clockwise from top: Butch at four, with his mother, Helen Gurley Brown; At three, already trying to start something--you can plainly see that his butt cheek is on my side; Easy Rider Butch; Miami Vice Butch; Butch with his trusty chihuahua caddy (and very possibly the reason for his golf score).


Anonymous said...

It's almost enough to make a grown man cry.I love you.


Anonymous said...

And I love both of you, onery as you are and always were.
Helen GB

Rock said...

These pictures are great, but where is the dead raccoon picture Butch has told me about.

Thanks for letting me know what he looked like (thank God there are none of me on the web when I was a little kid)

Rock (friend of Butch)

Mundane Jane said...

I think I know that picture. I'd like to see that one again, too.


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