Tuesday, September 11, 2007

CityWendy, where you been all my life?

I read an awful lot of blogs. I read craft blogs to see what's cool and who's found an easier way to do it (and to see if I can talk them into letting me publish their book); I read design blogs just because they make me happy; I read the shopping blogs because there's just too much stuff to find it all myself, and I read the cleverly-written blogs because they are so cleverly-written.

I keep track of the blogs I'm following with as much dedication as I do most things. Which is to say, if I sleep on the wrong side of my face, I may wake up the next day having forgotten that I had ever seen a particular blog in the first place. And then it's gone forever.

Most of the other busy and important publishing professionals I know also look at a lot of blogs. And everybody wants to be the one who finds the next big thing. I'm no exception. I'm all about hogging a little glory, no matter how petty and insignificant.

But my friend Mary has a sixth sense about these things. As soon as I lose track of a blog, that blogger will do something so incredible that it results in the interweb version of "Stop the presses!" And that's when Mary will send me a link with "Have you seen this?" in the subject line.

When she does this, I just want to wrestle her to the ground and say, "I. found. it. first."

But I don't. They frown on that kind of thing where I work (and Mary would get really bent out of shape).

So. That's my big buildup to encourage you to read ohmythatsawesome if you haven't already. The girls who write it are clever all the time, and fall-in-the-floor-and-flop funny sometimes. And so far, I've been able to remember that they have one of my favorite blogs.

And Mary, I found 'em first.

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