Monday, August 20, 2007

Trust your gut.

Ordinarily, I believe in Oprah. On an average day, she's all about saving my bacon. And Oprah keeps saying that when that tiny little voice is trying to get my attention, I need to drop everything and listen. I need to throw my purse and run for the door; I need to shout "Fire!" (or whatever will get folks' attention); I need to pick up the phone and call to make sure the electric company really did receive my check.

I already know that when I don't trust my gut, I get caught with my bare face hanging out. That's when I say, "Oh, man! I KNEW something was up!"

So why can't I just learn to go with my instinct?

Why? Because despite what Oprah says to the contrary, my instinct ain't got no credibility.

My instinct didn't go to college. What does it know? I wouldn't give my instinct a job--it has no resume; it can't even produce three professional references. It has no visible means of support. My free-loading, mooching instinct sleeps on my couch, in a pair of borrowed sweats.

Instinct answers to no one--even when it's out and out wrong. It cruises along on just the caché of being what it is. It carries no endorsement from Consumer Reports or Good Housekeeping. I'd be happy with a couple of thumbs from Ebert and Roeper--anything at all to give me reason to trust it, especially since it's let me down at least as many times as it's saved me.

And part of the reason for this poor track record is that my instinct seems to have the same trouble with decision making as do I. One moment, it pops its noggin up all big, proud, and sure, shouting, "Hey, jump on this! NOW!"

And then 6 seconds later, I hear a little niggling voice whisper, "Waaaaiiiit a minute. That might not be such a good idea."

I can't be the only woman on earth with TWO instincts. Does that mean that my one single instinct is just standing around, eating my M&Ms and drinking my Diet Cokes while waiting for the best time to flip a coin and mess with my head?

If that's the case, my chances for evolution aren't looking so good.


Anonymous said...

Jane, from someone who has learned to trust that feeling, you probably don't have two instincts. especially if they counter one another. It means the first burst of intuition is right and the afterthought is the "oh that can't really be happening" thing that keeps us from giving full attention to the right one. And after reviewing this, it doesn't make much sense either.

Mundane Jane said...

My mother has gotten fairly adept at hiding her identity when she comments on my posts.

I think she's given herself away, this time.


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