Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Upon catching the sack as it is thrown without regard for my safety or the condition of my meal through the driver's side window. And--no spork.


I understand you're in a hurry, but are you aware that those two crunchy tacos and pintos with cheese make up the only meal I will eat today?

I am a big-deal publishing executive and I plan to drip those tacos onto all kinds of important reports, editorial copy, and contact sheets.

How well do you suppose you could you focus on studying your profit margins if your pintos and cheese were thrown into the bag upside down and all mixed up, or if the shells of your tacos were broken in half and spilling out most of their faux Mexican goodness?

And since you don't seem to have given it any thought, I can tell you that it is very difficult to eat a broken taco with only one hand. Very, very important people like myself can really only spare one hand with which to eat our drive-through food.

So, yes. I know there are many cars in line behind me and you have several hours left in your shift. But how about a little consideration here for a working girl?


Oh. And may I have some extra sauce?

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