Tuesday, July 3, 2007


God watches out for drunks, little children, and turtles.

Otherwise, the turtles would be extinct by now.

I don't know about the turtle population where you live, but those in my part of the world are some of the most reckless and foolhardy creatures on the face of the earth.

I accidentally killed one who ran under my wheels not long ago, and I'm not sure I'll ever get over it. Yesterday, I very nearly wrecked my car in an effort to avoid smashing one who was dashing harum-scarum across the highway.

Apparently, they live out their helter-skelter existence on the razor's edge--thoughtless and irresponsible daredevils with no care for anything but the pell-mell rush to get to the other side of the road.


How many peaceful lives must be shattered by this carelessness? For the love of God, turtle, please! Get out of the road!


Anonymous said...

The turtle tale reminds me of the time we were taking my stepson and his current flame to see the mountains when he literally grabbed his father, who was driving, around the neck to stop his running over a turtle. He jumped out of the car, snatched the turtle away from the brink of death, darted across the road with said turtle and deposited him in the ditch on the other side. Of course I am sure as soon as we had gone on our way, the turtle changed his mind and proceeded to return across the road from hence he came.

Anonymous said...

Squirrels are just as reckless. I slowed down once to avoid killing one. Luckily the police officer on the otherside clocked me after I slowed down...knocking a good 10mph off my speed. ;-)

Mundane Jane said...

...or maybe it's suicide by indecision.

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