Saturday, June 2, 2007

A stone's throw from hurtin.

It's all over. Tell them they can come and get the machine. I'm giving away the fabric and stacking books on the ironing board.

I spotted a straight pin on the rug. It is my greatest fear--to step on (or horrors! sit on) a pin or needle hiding in the carpet or the upholstery of my favorite chair.

Considering I can't really see anything as far away as my feet, and considering the fact that no pointy-ended object has ever resided in my house for more than 16 seconds without jabbing directly into me, I believe this must be some kind of message for which I need to consider the existential implications.

Someone must surely be trying to tell me something.


Jade said...

Just a note to let you know I love your new blog. I love the stories, the images, and the interesting links. However my favorite stories are those that include Tawana. Do you know if she has a blog? Looking forward to future musings, Jade

Mundane Jane said...

Dear Jade:

I will pass along your comment to Tawana, who also thinks she is the best thing on the site.

Musing right now,

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