Sunday, June 3, 2007

And not everyone looks as good as you in a tissue-paper hat.

This is my last birthday post, I promise. At least--until the next time I've let distance and business interfere with my social obligations. The actual big day isn't until Monday, but I want the birthday guy to wake up on that day having already read how crazy we are about him--instead of hearing it sometime between breakfast and dinner.

But Dude--chill; I'm still going to call you on your birthday.

So, happy birthday to the best dad I can imagine anyone laying claim to. Here's to the best porch-fixing, house-rebuilding, self-esteem restoring, mom-whispering, plumbing mistake correcting, come-to-the-rescue dad any grown-up girl and her brother ever had. (Your granddaughter thinks you rock, too.)

Knock yerself out--have a birthday corndog on us.

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