Sunday, May 27, 2007

Making a living.

I've written a lot of words since deciding in January to start a blog. Problem is, I've written them for someone else. As it turns out, I only have a certain amount of creative energy. Once that is expended, I'm headed for the couch, a diet coke, and an episode of Bones.

Not long ago, Amy V., our marketing director, came up with the concept for an instructional series to mimic a fashion magazine (we call it a "leafazine.") It's full of patterns--as usual--but it also includes columns, tips, and photo stories. Because my writers were busy with other assignments, I wrote the letter from the series' fictional editor, Irene. Because they were still busy, I wrote the photography copy. And then the cover copy. I wrote all sorts of things that I usually talk other people into writing. I thrashed and moaned and swore I was dying--but I enjoyed the hell out of it. And I can't wait to do another.

Anybody who has ever seen one of LA's publications knows that this look is a bit outside the realm of the usual. Actually, this look just about skates over into who-the-heck-are-you-people-and-what-did-you-do-with-the-poncho-patterns? I don’t ordinarily fool around with knit, crochet, or quilt publications—those are the forte of my friend Cheryl. And you can be sure that if I even looked like I was thinking about changing a kko or k2p2 or an rpn, those people who work for her would poke me hard in my earhole with a knitting needle. The sharp, lethal end.

Susan J., the editorial writer on my staff, does a wonderful job with the designer profiles, book reviews, and charity column. She is one of the most versatile writers I've ever met. Not to mention the instructional writers who create the Tab-A-into-Slot-B copy, the talented (and patient) graphic artists, and the I-ain't-scared-of-no-full-bleed photographers and stylists who spark the look. Takes a village, I guess.

Then, someone with some measure of authority (read: control over the purse-strings) decided that the aforementioned Irene needed her own Web site, and I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. No way was I going to be able to squeeze writing a Web site into my schedule (not and still make the trains run on time). But if I didn’t, someone else would. I had to make my peace with another someone writing the online version of Irene. And did they ever. Take a look at the fabulous (informative, entertaining, refreshing) i-createit Web site.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, the knobby end of the knitting needle will suffice to remind you of the boundaries, Deb.
Just kidding......................

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