Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What I did for love, what I did for loooove.

My friend Tawana called this morning, catching me right in the middle of something I had hoped to have over and done with under a cloak of secrecy.

I've been busted; the jig is up. She's probably tweeted it by now. I've almost certainly already been outed on the Facebook.

She interrupted me as I was applying safety decals to the patio door out at the deluxe luxury family getaway condo.

At cat's eye level.

My kitteh--whose brain, you know, is only about as large as the average, didn't even graduate from high school walnut--hasn't yet mastered the ability to differentiate between the open glass door and the hey-sister-what's-your-hurry? closed glass door.

Certainly, when faced with a choice between explaining a safety decal positioned a mere 6 inches from floor level or ponying up for a feline MRI, mine seemed to be a fairly logical choice.

I mean really. This is my cat we're talking about here.

Now, I love a nice dog just as much as the next person, but let's face it: dogs are pushovers. Dogs love everyone. Just coming home each night and remembering the animal's name is enough for most dogs. In fact, I'd be willing to bet that a "Hey you," would do just as nicely. But cats? You have to earn a cat's love. You have to go above and beyond. When a cat loves you, you know you're worthy.

And I, for one, plan to get there. If need be, one safety decal at a time.

Image Originally published in MS Magazine, Vol III, #1, July/August 1992 via pet monologues


Anonymous said...

So, yeah, I have a sliding glass door. The spaniel has hit it once, I have too. It hurts a lot more than most folks, or spaniels, will let on. We now have decals at human and dog eye levels.
Now, about the cat vs. dog thing. Well, I've learned a lot about the better part of human nature from dogs. You know, loyalty should be rewarded; it's all about the pack; and as long as you have a place to sleep and something too eat, how bad can it be. Cats, well, they show us something about ourselves too. Like, some people should be avoided. Especially the ones that can flip the zero to psycho switch in less than a second.

lacy said...

OMG I am totally cracking up. Oh a mamma's love! I Love that you did that. Let them tweet and facebook away, it's better than a trip to the kitty er, I know I had to take my cats once for a head on collision with each other! YEAH- they don't make stickers for the cats head. LOL

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