Monday, June 9, 2008


My mother has rented a big place in Hot Springs for the month, and my cat and I will be joining her for the next week. The cat doesn't know about this yet; she's seen all the packing activity, but she thinks she's going to have the run of the house again. She threw a kegger last year while I was in Chicago, and it's going to be some time before she earns my trust again.

The last time my mother tried to travel with her cats loose in the car, one of them decided to drive and landed the entire company in the ditch. I believe my pet will be more reasonable.

Because I'm going to tranquilize the hell out of her.

So while you're toiling and busting the grind all next week, think of me, relaxing in the hot springs and maybe even getting a massage--hopefully from some guy named Otto.

And I'll be thinking of you. I'll even post some little something here for the faithful each day.

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