Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Helpful things.

I recently spent some time cleaning up and organizing my Google Bookmarks. And, just like cleaning out the closet--I found all kinds of things I'd forgotten I had. I don't know about you, but when I have more stuff than I know what to do with, I give some of it away:

1. Don't oversleep, even when you're away from home with a DIY cell phone amplifier.

2. Fall asleep before the closing credits? Find out how it ended on Ruined Endings.

3. Maybe you need an audio book for your vacation travels. iTunes has em, but they can be difficult to find. Instead, browse and download from a large listing of free MP3 recordings at Open Culture. Also worth exploring on this site, their Ideas and Culture podcast downloads.

4. Maybe you've been sitting there wondering what in the world the rest of the world is sitting there wondering about. Google has Hot Trends app that lets you see "what's on the public's collective mind" at any given date or time. Updated hourly.

5. Catalog, organize, and show off your books online, read reviews (or write your own), get a peek at the books most often cataloged, see who has the largest libraries (and what books make up those libraries) at Library Thing. Just the thing for you super organized, list-loving, reader types. (Note: The first 200 are free; $10/year or $25/life after that.)

6. Or maybe you don't think you have enough stuff to read already. If you are worried that you're missing the premier of everyone's favorite new magazine, keep up with the newest rags hitting the stands each month at Mr. Magazine.

7. Perhaps the only thing worse than having a song stuck in your head is having one playing on continuous loop for which you only partially remember the lyrics:

My baby something-something-something,
He something nine till five and then
He something-something-something-something
to find me waitin' for him.

Search any portion of the lyrics on Ultimate '80s Songs to find out the title, the rest of the lyrics, the recording artist, and on which albums the song can be found. Sorry, they only have songs from the 1980s. Turns out that's the only kind of song I know.

8. Have the perfect sampler sentiment but alas, no pattern? Make a charted design in cross-stitch or back stitch by simply selecting a font and entering your text. Automatic chart generator at StitchPoint lets you choose your favorite of six fonts. Perfect for those extra fancy, holiday curse words that are so hard to find in the stores.

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