Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Oh, all right. There's no such thing as a brain test.

You might remember reading here back in December about a test designed to show whether you were right- or left-brained. As it turns out, the "test" is nothing more than an optical illusion, created by Japanese Web designer Nobuyuki Kayahara (who could be either right- or left-brained; I can't tell for sure).

What you and I see when looking at the illusion has more to do with the conduit between eyes and brain than with our ability to think creatively.

From The New York Times Health Section:

“What’s happening here to cause the flip is something happening entirely within the visual system,'’ said Thomas C. Toppino, chair of the department of psychology at Villanova University. “If we can understand why it is these figures reverse then we’re in a position to understand something pretty fundamental to how the visual system contributes to the conscious experience.'’

Read the whole NYT article here.

Thanks, FJohn.


Anonymous said...

Well, we're over here across the pond expecting brilliant creative writing...


S & C

Mundane Jane said...

Good Lord! Shouldn't you be doing something more tourist-y than surfing the intertubes?

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