Wednesday, March 26, 2008

In one ear and out the other.

I had a dream last week in which my boss leaned over to me during a meeting, peered at the left side of my head, and said, "You have the cleanest ear!"

When I woke up, I rolled over on the cat, said something like, "Huh. That was weird," and promptly fell back to sleep.

And had I kept the stinking dream to myself, I would now be alternately offending you/making you laugh with my comments about living in the Bible Belt. But because of my extraordinarily poor judgment, I am instead compelled to use this platform to try and find out what this dream might possibly mean.

Why? Because unlike other people whose dreams are boring and offer way more insight than anybody ever really wants to know, my dreams are interesting. Compelling, even. My dreams are so compelling that I myself felt compelled yesterday to recount this particular dream to my boss.

Now I don't know what the dream means--and under ordinary circumstances, I wouldn't care. But some time after the conversation in which I laughingly described the dream to her, I began to wonder--what if my boss is some sort of expert in dream interpretation? What if she's like, the dream whisperer? And what if ear dreams mean something--well, something else?

So, if you have any sort of background in dream interpretation--if you have ever been in therapy, taken a college psychology course or maybe saw something about it on Oprah--well, now would be a good time to drop me a line.

photo, Marek Haiduk.


Zazzy said...

As a former shrink, I used to do dream analysis. It can be a fun but lengthy process. So, with just the tip of my tongue in my cheek --

Freudian analysis always ends up with sex so just go ahead and start there. You have a photo of q-tips clearly suggesting penetration. Plus the ear is an erogenous zone, of course.

In Jungian analysis, the different parts and characters in the dream represent different parts of yourself. Your boss could be your parent-self, for example, giving you a pat on the back for something you've done well. Why was it set at a meeting? Have you recently failed to receive credit for something?

Gestalt analysis is the most fun. Go back through the dream slowly, pausing to be each thing. Yes, you are the boss but you're also the table, chair, ear, the other people and whatever else you can observe. Be the ear, how does the ear feel? What does the ear want?

It's been a long time since I've done real dream analysis. In the end, the dreamer knows herself best.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jane,

It means seven years of plenty.

Then, seven years of famine.


Anonymous said...

I think it's what I've always thought; Mundanejane is gay. I'll take my toaster now, thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

Have I failed to pat you on the back for something well done???

Mundane Jane said...

I remain properly credited, as always, and am glad to offer the above as evidence of my boss's healthy sense of humor.

Material World girl suggests that perhaps my sub-conscience thinks I need to listen more carefully.

Most everybody who knows me will no doubt agree.

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