Thursday, October 11, 2007

You call this workin?

Last Sunday, I and a small crew filmed a new podcast for Tattoo Tees, a collection of iron-on designs we put together to make any t-shirt your new favorite. In an attempt to break from the ordinary, we decided to make this one a music video.

And wouldn't you knock me in the head right now if you could have my job?

We're in post-production and you'll be able to see the finished product on the website by Monday; it'll hit You Tube and iTunes right after that. I thought you might enjoy a peek at some behind-the-scenes shots.

It's hard to go wrong when you've got such talented and good looking actors touting your wares. This is Talley Gale and Dustin Curry (above left). You might want to make a note that you saw them here first, before they were all rich and famous. (And have you ever seen so many dimples in one shot?)

Working on the technical stuff: Lloyd Litsey (left) checks the previous shot. Clint Hansen (right) zooms in on Talley's good side.

Tattoo Tees
Item Number 4516
ISBN 1601407661
48 pages

Yup, you can buy it now.

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