Monday, September 17, 2007

Testing, one, two, three.

No doubt you are all expecting new content, as well you should. It's Monday morning, after all.

And while I do have new and exciting posts in the works, I'm afraid that I spent the bulk of my time this weekend recording and mixing the new podcasts. So much time, in fact, that my home office looks like something Phil Spector just stepped out of on his way to pick up more vodka.

It's littered with empty booze bottles, half-smoked reefers and the crushed butts of unfiltered cigarettes. I just sent a half-dressed groupie out for coffee, and as soon as she returns, I'm going to start another mix. This is the most fun I've had in months.

I've recorded podcasts for selected posts from the archives, and you can find them with their associated posts and below. Eventually, you'll also be able to download them from itunes, but first they have to go through their review process. I'll let you let you know when that's a go.

So for now, this is all you get. If you've got comments, let me have 'em. Obviously, I'm fearless.

photo, David Lok

The extremely righteous music on these podcasts is a remix of Feel My Pain Miss Jane--words, music, production, and performance by David Henderson.
Hear a podcast of # 98, Just wrong. In so many ways (from 9/12/07):

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Hear a podcast of #88, Poke a stick in that puppy and give it to me to go (from 8/ 30/07):

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Hear a podcast of # 5, Six Little Words (from 5/27/07):

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Anonymous said...

I like, I like alot. Keep up the great work and so it is written.

Anonymous said...

Moms said
Great music. Only the corndog lost some of it's humor. Looking forward to more.

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