Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The jewelry dance. Every day.

Paw through morass of jewelry, searching for specific pair of earrings. Locate one.

Choose silver watch or gold watch, depending upon earrings. Remember that silver watch does not keep accurate time and make mental note as to what calculations will be necessary today to avoid being late for meeting with other very important and busy publishing professionals.

Spend five minutes locating second earring.

Select bracelets to coordinate with earrings and watch.

Remember that earrings have matching brooch. Search for and find brooch, attach brooch to lapel, spend four minutes squinting and cursing at and trying to fasten micro-Whoville-sized pin back. Examine overall effect.

Remove brooch.

Select shoes (see Shoe Dance).

Notice that earrings are 1/4 inch longer than the last time they were worn (?) and are now too long for either your hairstyle or your face, resulting in a horsey look that you don't altogether care for. Remove earrings.

Decide that you really do want to wear the selected bracelets today as they make your wrist look lovely.

Search for earrings to go nicely with bracelets. Forget to insert second earring.

Arrive late for work. Again. Wish you'd worn brooch.

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