Thursday, August 23, 2007

I would claim to be speechless, but--well, you know.

My good friend Andy called and left a message while I was in Chicago. He needed a short story for a small printing project he was about to start.

So I emailed him a copy of Chicken Freedom. Not a story, per se, but short enough, I was guessing, for whatever he needed it for. I was expecting post cards or perhaps some sort of flyer.

But wow! Look what came for me in the mail today. I love how old school this is--see how it's all wrapped up in craft paper and twine? Even without me saying so, you can tell that this is a handkerchief-carrying, old-fashioned kind of guy.

These are miniature books, and according to Andy, three inches is the maximum dimension allowed in order to qualify. Who knew there were qualifications for such things?

They are 6 point type hand and Linotype set. I keep seeing him hunched over a cluttered work bench in a noisy, dark workshop, setting all these teeny tiny letters by hand and in reverse. He probably worked all night by the light of a short little candle stub, too.

He's made both hard and soft cover editions. Hand printed on a Sigwalt press. Signed and numbered. Again I say, "wow."

Andy, you know all that stuff I said when we were working on the NASM reaccreditation? About how I wanted nothing more than to poke you in your ear hole with a cello bow? Well, I want you to know that I didn't really mean it. Not really truly.

Waaaiiiit a minute.

Now that I think about it, I'm not sure I actually said all that stuff out loud. Never mind.

Thank you, Andy.

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Anonymous said...

Jane, how neat is that? You have some great friends which sometimes surprises me since you poke fun at all and sundry. I happen to have a soft spot for a couple of them as well, with Andy being one of them. We once took a computer programming class together, back in the days when computers were an entire room of huge machines that made lots of noise. We had to write a program to make that big machine do something logical. After that experience, I'm not surprised to know he can set type as well as play a mean horn.

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