Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Because I've never really been a believer in the concept of leaving well enough alone.

If a millimeter is good, then a mile must be better. And if I got a laugh with a bit, I'm trotting it out for another run.

At least one more.

Feather Pillow Update
There may, in fact, be a subtle difference between my $15 pillows and the $69 Hyatt pillows that was not immediately evident when I tried the former out in the store.

As I think I've mentioned, there are no sharp, pointy objects in my home that have not jabbed or poked me in some way--many, more than once. Knowing this, I made a major error when I neglected to think about the fact that feathers are, while soft and fluffy on one end, extremely pointy and sharp on the other. Unfortunately, it's the vicious end that sticks out of the pillowcase and pokes me in my face--and it does so when I am at my most vulnerable.

Now, in addition to all the hormonal reasons for being awake during the threes, I am awake because I've just been jabbed in the jaw. Or because I am afraid I am about to be.
Despite my near (accidental!) plagarization of his chicken phrasing, lurking outside his actual place of business, and repeatedly dropping his name in my blog, Mr. Glass has apparently not yet noticed me. I must redouble my efforts.
My mother now prefaces her calls with, "I'll bet I'm catching you during your nap window." And she is.

I wish I could tell you about it, really I do. Unfortunately, the only quote I am allowed to use in conjunction with MU this week is, "Mom, please don't blog this."

photo, Hilary Quinn

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Anonymous said...

Buy a good man-made pillow, keep an old fashion fan pointed at your bed at night and get some sleep. Even refrigerated air needs stirring or it's not very effective. I snap awake immediately at night if my husband accidently, or on purpose for that matter, turns off the ceiling fan over my bed.
From another victim of the "night hot flash"

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