Monday, June 25, 2007

You tramp, you.

My friend Mary shot me this site. She almost always gets the scoop on me, so I'm glad she likes to share her finds. Thanks for the heads up, MH.

Something happened to Kelly Butler while in college at Austin Peay State University. I can't give details (well, actually, I don't know them), but her bio says that an experience she had in sculpture class there prompted the idea for her Tramp Lamps lighting designs.

Hand crafted from vintage lingerie, these clever fixtures keep their shape (more than can be said for the past and future owners of stated lingerie), even when they're turned on.

In addition to sexy (and not so sexy) teddies, bustiers, corsets, slips, bras, and girdles, Kelly also makes lamps from formalwear and swimwear. You can also browse her extensive archive of already-sold lamps, and if you find you've got your heart set on a flashy little number you just missed, email her about a custom order.

1 comment:

Mundane Jane said...

I have a friend who is apparently comment-ment (sorry) phobic. She never posts; she just emails me her comic comment-ary (sorry, again). Here's her latest:

Is it just me or do those underwear lamps look oddly like space ships? Mother ships, you might say. OK. I withdraw.

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